Five Stars

Jennifer was recommended to me three years ago when I was suddenly and unexpectedly involved in a divorce that required me to seek legal representation. Jennifer came “highly recommended” as an exceptional practitioner of family law through a close family friend who is also a lawyer with extensive legal experience in the Greater Boston area.

Having both legal and social work experience, Jennifer showed professionalism, responsiveness, competence, and compassion throughout the divorce process. Jennifer was regularly able to put me at ease during what was a stressful and unhappy event.

In the three years since, whenever I have needed Jennifer’s help with issues surrounding my divorce agreement she has continued to provide the same level of fantastic service with all the professionalism, responsiveness, competence, and compassion as she has from the beginning. As far as I am concerned, Jennifer Clapp will always be the person I turn to for any of my family law needs.

– E. Kim

Jennifer is the absolute best family law attorney out there.

She puts your kids and you first, and is fair, trustworthy and helpful throughout the entire process. She serves as a part-time therapist through the most difficult process. She made great recommendations on custody schedules and financial concessions that I am grateful for every day.

– Anonymous, via

Ethical and highly effective

I highly recommend attorney Clapp. I had hired other attorneys in a long complicated custody case before her, and she was the first one who showed that she cared about what happen to the child. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and efficient, but even more importantly for me, she has high ethical values, is honest, and compassionate. Communication has always been very fluid, she listens and provides very useful advice.

– Anonymous, via

Divorce was one of the most stressful experiences in my life…

Being referred to Jenny was one of the luckiest.

Jenny specializes in family law and I believe she excels at what she does and how she practices – with dedication, resolve, and compassion. Both she and her assistant have always been kind and patient, responsive to my needs, and available to answer my questions. When I needed a reality check, Jenny gave me one – helping me get back to setting more positive and realistic goals.

This is a knowledgeable and resourceful team that I have been privileged to work with and to know. One could never hope to find a family law attorney better than Jenny Clapp.


At a time when I felt completely vulnerable and exposed…

Jenny provided clear and concise answers for any question I could come up with. She was responsive by email, phone and text, and she was extremely flexible with scheduling around my work hours. I felt prepared going into court and meetings, and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my separation agreement.


Jenny Clapp came highly recommended to me…

and she exceeded my expectations. Not only was she technically competent, she was very patient and, importantly, understood how to support me through a very challenging time in my life (divorce). The court clerk respected Jenny  so we were moved to the front of the queue on court day, saving me lots of stress. I truly appreciate Jenny and her colleague Jean. I have already recommended them to a friend who is also satisfied with them.

– AB

I knew I wanted Jenny as my divorce lawyer…

within the first 5 seconds of meeting her!  She made me feel like I was just talking with my sister… or my girlfriend, and her concern and care for me was genuine.

Her professionalism, attention to detail, empathy and gentle understanding was so comforting and I was grateful that she was on my side, caring for my future and negotiating for me at a point when I was emotionally drained.

Her compassion for her clients shows in all she does.  While in our court appearance for our divorce order, I began to get emotional, and, as we were all standing there in front of the judge, listening to him order the dissolution of our marriage, she gently reached for … and squeezed my hand in reassurance.  She was so kind and reassuring with that small gesture in my heartbroken moment, and it still means the world to me.

I highly recommend Jenny Clapp!  She is my gentle, yet professional, hero!!!

Strongly recommend

I highly recommend Jenny Clapp as a top family attorney. She has been representing me for about 5 years now. During that time, she has demonstrated not only her strong legal knowledge, but also her ability to adapt to my unique international situation. She has shown that she is capable of thinking outside the box to tackle any issue that is sent her way. Her work ethics combined with her genuine caring of my situation have been instrumental in ensuring that she obtains the best results for me and my family. I could not have asked for a better ally to traverse a difficult situation and obtain great results.  – Madeleine | April 23, 2020

Better than I could have imagined

She listened. She thought carefully. She kept me from being stubborn and digging in on trivial things. She was fast thinking on her feet. She was responsive beyond belief. I got a much better deal, and and grateful that she was on my side of the table, instead of across from me. And she was fun to work with. – Peter | April 21, 2020

Incredibly knowledgeable and supportive

Jenny was a huge support to me throughout my divorce. She was funny and kind but also showed tremendous strength and poise in our 4 way meetings and court appearance. This was challenging given the demeanor of the other participants, but Jenny never let that change her professionalism. She provided good advice in all phases of the process and continues to be a resource as needed. – Sarah | April 17, 2020

Amazing advocate for YOU in the separation process

Jenny Clapp is an amazing lawyer who is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and empathic in guiding one through the process of separation and divorce. If you are getting divorced, more than anything you will need someone who knows the law. Jenny knows the law. She helped me through a difficult time with empathy, and was the strong advocate that I needed to protect my interests. I would recommend her services to anyone who is in need of legal services or advice in the separation process, regardless of the degree of contentiousness of the situation. – Erik | April 15, 2020

Jen is one a kind…

Getting divorced is one of the most stressful things ever, but a necessary thing ,with a rainbow at the end…I shopped around for an attorney that I felt connected to…and the first 4-5 were just awful people…I got referred to Jen Clapp from another attorney who was a patient of mine. I immediately felt at home and comfortable with her….like an old friend from high school…Jen is smart, empathetic, efficient, and hard working…and in the end I was very happy…except…I now miss my meetings with her! Totally recommended to anyone having to make, and execute, this very difficult decision. – Randy | April 15, 2020

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