Collaborative Law

When going through a divorce or other family law matters, couples face many challenges.  They often feel financially and emotionally overwhelmed.  The Collaborative Law Process provides a way for couples to address these challenges in a private, structured, and supportive environment.

Collaborative Law is a team approach with an emphasis on problem solving with the goal of reaching fair and equitable resolutions that are workable for everyone.  In Collaborative Law, each client is represented by an attorney, trained in Collaborative Law, whose role is to provide guidance and legal advice and actively participate in settlement discussions throughout the process.  As problem solvers rather than adversaries, the attorneys pledge not to go to court and, instead, focus on expanding options and finding creative solutions.  The team also includes a neutral coach/facilitator who serves both clients and assists them with clarifying their short-term and long-term goals and interests and who intervenes, as necessary, to keep the dialogue respectful and productive.  Financial experts may be retained jointly by the parties to assist in matters such as business or real estate appraisals and tax considerations to preserve family resources.

Collaborative Law eliminates the economic and emotional consequences of protracted litigation. It seeks to preserve important relationships and enables participants to maintain control of their and their family’s post-divorce destiny.

Collaborative Divorce:

  • Provides a professional team that supports and works with the clients as they move through the divorce process.
  • Minimizes emotional damage to the family.
  • Encourages mutual and creative problem solving.
  • Requires openness and accountability of clients and professionals.
  • Provides an opportunity to craft a sustainable agreement that best meets everyone’s needs and interests.
  • Prepares for life after family reorganization, separation or divorce.

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